Who Can You Trust?

I’ve become so cynical about the topics you’re discussing—I don’t even know how to trust this venue. Nonetheless—I’m giving it a try, at this point my personal online history has been published for the world to see so what’s there to lose?

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Do you mean how can you trust this forum or The Tools We Need in general?

This forum is hosted on my own server, but it is publicly accessible. I’m happy to run through how all data is stored and used. Basically I don’t use any user data, but I haven’t gone so far as to expunge it from my databases or encrypt it at rest.

But your overall sentiment resonates with me. It’s frustrating that we ultimately have to trust someone in order to use services we enjoy. And even more frustrating that the trust usually turns out to be misplaced.

In 2020 I’m hoping to offer more specific directions on how to minimize trust while still enjoying common web services.

Reading your information I stumbled upon gave me hope. Please, don’t think my comment was directed at you. Just trying to pose the question or thought, mainly because I’m not savvy enough with technology and have fallen prey to those interested enough to exploit.

No offense taken! The internet is broken in the sense that by default we are all watched. The default should be anonymity and privacy, or some version of it that resembles your rights when you leave your house and visit friends and businesses.

Unfortunately the answer is that you can’t really trust anyone, but there are good people out there trying to make a difference. One strategy is to also diversify your services. Like, if you use Google for email, don’t also use them for docs, etc.

Still, it’s pretty crazy that the responsibility and effort is on us to preserve our rights, and that they’re forfeited as soon as we establish an internet connection.

I’m planning out my content for Q1 of 2020, are there any pressing topics that you’d like me to help out with?